Taking Trolls to Court, interesting New Yorker Article this week

A great article about Carrie Goldberg, a Brooklyn attorney helping women who are victims of “revenge porn.” It describes what seems to be an increasingly disturbing scenario: boyfriend asks for explicit pics, girlfriend sends explicit pics, they break-up, boyfriend seeks revenge and posts pics on the Internet. Now this attorney is leading the fight to prosecute the revenge-seekers.

The article also mentions the 2014 incidents of the hacking of intimate images of Jennifer Lawrence and other prominent actresses; also the case of the Californian Luis Mijangos who tricked women into installing malware that searched their computers for sexually explicit photographs and switched on Webcams and computer microphones, so that he could secretly record them. Mijangos is serving a six year sentence for the hacking and wiretapping.

(Note that a set of speakers or earphones attached to a computer can be hacked into becoming microphones as described in a previous blog on this site.)

Here’s the New Yorker link: http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/12/05/the-attorney-fighting-revenge-porn