Big Brother may be secretly listening to your conversations

An article yesterday in Weird News, “Always Listening: Hackers Can Now Turn Your Headphones into a Surveillance Microphone with Malware,” describes how a malware program developed by Israeli engineers can change internal microchip coding to turn a pair of headphones or earbuds sitting on your desktop into microphones that can hear conversations at some distance!


Apparently, this technology reversal of speakers being morphed into secret microphones is fairly well-known but the new scare is that it can be done remotely via software alone!

Another instance of Orwell’s 1984 paranoia becoming a reality – remember Winston’s all-knowing, all-seeing telescreen?

This is really creepy – like the now well-known hack of being able to remotely activate the webcam on your laptop without triggering the LED. This is what got a hacker 18 months in federal prison for spying on Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf.

So keep the Post-It on your webcam when you’re not using it – you already do that, right?  And now be sure to unplug those speakers, headphones, and earbuds when you’re not using them.

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