Glass House 51


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Glass House 51 is the story of young Richard Clayborne, a hard-charging marketing maverick at gigantic AlphaBanc’s San Francisco branch who has been offered an intriguing assignment: Get online via NEXSX and make time with the lovely, brilliant (and doomed) Chicagoan Christin Darrow. All to set a trap for the reclusive (and very deadly) computer genius, Norman Dunne, aka the Gnome.

Why? Three lovely young women dead in the streets of Chicago. And the Gnome, a former AlphaBanc employee, is the main suspect. But there just might be another AlphaBanc agenda in the works. . . .

Orwell was right

bigbrotherimagemask2ALL information about us, our jobs, our income, our purchases, our debt, our credit, our history, our lives, is stored somewhere in a series of massive databases.

So when someone big and powerful (as AlphaBanc) decides to very skillfully integrate all of these data sources to create statistically precise profiles on you, me, and our neighbors what happens?

Glass House 51 shows us just what happens, bringing us into a bizarre world where information on an individual can be so comprehensive, so insidiously granular and minute, that one can become an information “specimen” kept by perverse “collectors,” some of the best of whom, of course, are those inhabiting the depths of the (Joseph P.) McCarthy Complex at AlphaBanc itself  . . . but we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. . . .