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“In his freewheeling debut novel, Hampel dexterously weaves seemingly unrelated strands into a plot that combines mystery, science fiction, and fantasy. Hampel ably blends metaphysics with magic in a highly enjoyable and fast-paced book.” 
Publisher’s Weekly

“There is no question about recommending ‘Wherever You Go, There You Are.’ Rarely does a book come along that has such energy and originality , that can be about complex issues within a complex literary framework and still be funny and endearing. . . . For accomplishing so much so well this could be a cult classic.”
— South Bend (Indiana) Tribune

“A wonderful novel full of the humor and poetry of real life, it is also a a mesmerizing tale of mystery and magic. . . . a marvelous story told with wit, humor, and a great deal of talent.” 
— Milwaukee Journal

“This is a snappy piece of New Age science fiction, the kind that combines technology with the powers of the mind. Here are Earth’s energies melded with the romance of a midsummer’s night deep in the country.”
ALA Booklist

“This first novel combines magical realism with a hefty dose of the absurd, resulting in a New Age comedy that belongs in most s/f general fiction collections.” 
Library Journal

“. . . the book questions where we all sit in the grand scheme of things while remaining enormously funny, mysterious, and ultimately a work of natural wonder and beauty . . . it is a gem. Besides wonderfully animated, genuine characters and fascinating-to-the-point-of-mindbending storylines, Hampel’s prose is poetic satisfaction. . .” 
UWM (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee) Post

“Between the first page and the last we treated to a number of styles, a host of sendups of contemporary American values and society, and a love story. . . . The novel is easy to recommend. It operates well in so many ways that there is literally something for everyone.”
Door County Advocate